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1badsyler1's avatar 1badsyler1 said

When handcuffed in front… The person can access there front pockets (potentialy containing a weapon missed during the quick search.) Can reach most other hiding places for narcotics. Can take off belt to use as weapon. Can use cuffs to place over officers head and strangle him/her. Can punch very effectivly and maintain Balance to exicute most kicks used by anyone w/ even minimal martial arts training. Cuffed up front are dangerous because they provide a false sense of security to officer and by standers alike.

1 month ago

1badsyler1's avatar 1badsyler1 said

I understand your logic. However I am uncertain if restraints can be applied w/ out just cause (perceived threat to self/others/officer) or official arrest. That said, during a routine traffic stop, had an officer that was alone and much smaller than I, quite professionally ask me to “submit to cuffs” for “both my protection and his.” I complied willingly. My point: Handcuffs can be applied safely and easily they can also be removed with out pain or difficulty as soon as the Officer feels sure of his safety or has no further reason to hold the potential violator.

1 month ago

thorninmud's avatar thorninmud said

Really not many good options, I’m afraid. There are a couple of outfits, both here in Chicago as it happens, that run good classes. One is Cacao Barry , the other is The French Pastry School . They’re all expensive.

By far the best way to pick up the trade is by working with a chocolatier, but there are so few decent chocolatiers working in the States that I wouldn’t give that high odds. I worked in France where there are plenty of chocolatiers, but working overseas poses difficulties of its own.

Wish I could offer a more hopeful solution.

September 17th, 2011