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Don’t panic. I’m still around. I just got really busy with a couple of projects. I might have bitten off more than I can chew. It’s a good thing though. __________________________________________________________

I joined to ask a couple of questions but stuck around because… well,... because it is addictive and sure beats TV. ;-)
Also some folks here are so interesting!

I was a worried guy when I asked my first question. But after I got it done successfully, I am worried no more. Whew! I was lucky and dodged that bullet in the nick of time..
It is probably too late to change my name but if I could, I’d change it to either Lucky Guy or Tech Guy because I am.

I own a small engineering consulting company with a few very large, demanding clients. We can build or do anything as long as we don’t violate the Laws of Physics. This might just be best job in the world.

Update: After 4 years I’m a WorriedGuy no more. I’m LuckyGuy now. I’ll keep the pensive pose avatar up a bit longer so people can tell it’s still me. The next one will have a much more appropriate smiling face.

“People do what they do until they can’t. And then they don’t.”
—Herb Stein

I intend to do as long as I can.

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MrGrimm888's avatar MrGrimm888 said

So. I’ve decided that with some possible bad storm news, I will reveal that my name, is Chris. Most call me “Big Chris.”

I live in Magnolia. It’s close to the Charleston peninsula. I am a fool for staying here I guess. But I lived here for years. And this area has done better with flooding. We will have to go through, at least, some bad flooding. I am confident that I will get through it. But. It may be a rough experience.

Chris. And I live close to Sycamore. I will update Fluther, as soon as I regain power. I am close to 2 huge rivers though. I will have to figure out how to withstand a storm surge, and probably a problem when we are at high tide, over two cycles in the time the storm sits on us…

I know. Drama queen shit…


I always respected you. You are right. I am a very capable person. But. We’ll have to see what mother nature has in store for me.

My dog and I, will be right here , when the stom arrives…

I’m nervous. That’s hard to do….

September 13th, 2018

johnpowell's avatar johnpowell said

Just thought I would let you know season 2 of Wrecked just dropped.

I think you were watching that.

June 20th, 2017

2davidc8's avatar 2davidc8 said

OK, thank you!

May 16th, 2017

2davidc8's avatar 2davidc8 said

Regarding your answer:
Thank you for your reply. What is the brand/model of GPS that you use?

May 15th, 2017