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I like getting dirty, washing my hands, hoarding clothes from men, tappin’ my toes, drummin’ my fingers, bobbin’ my head, shakin’ my hips, quips, traveling, manners, verbal abuse, public humiliation, respect, mockery, thinly veiled sarcasm, presentation, charisma, ambition, dying my hair w/ food coloring & mayonnaise, bantering, trivial knowledge, interweb, not bathing/bathing/not bathing/bathing, giving false directions & instructions, considering my options, considering ur options, lingol @ ur decisions, being skinny & deprived, insomnia, my style, me & a few select others, selecting others, brutal honesty, itchy wool, soft cotton, Scattergories, coffee & cigarettes, sunrise > sunset, whiskey, everclear, you vomiting & me making you toast, green, weed, creation, destruction, NOT WASTING TIME, having a clean conscience, learning through experience, thinly scattered lies, moments of truth, leaving, returning, asking, & learning.

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