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andrew's avatar andrew said

I <3 you. Hard.

January 28th, 2010

JasonH's avatar JasonH said

sorry dont mean to be bothersome, did some auto shopping saterday. found a 98 VW Jetta GLX ” i love vw’s ” anyways they want 7900 im going to ask for about 7100 also car has 67.000 miles im going to be making a DOWNpayment of 2500 i think @ Least 20% of the gross of the car ( been doing Research on Financing scams goods bads and percentages) found great insurance for about 150 a month due to fullcoverage…..and a ticket i got last year “Driiving on the wrong side of a Devided Highway” happend on pch opps.. lol anyways….so from my Calculations i have come to this figure:
Auto loan amount $ 4600.00 (Do not use commas.)
Auto loan term 5 years or 60 months
Interest rate * 17.00 % per year
* Find the best interest rates in your area for more personalized results.
Auto loan start date June,2nd 2008 ,
Monthly auto loan payment $ 114.32
now im guessing on the intrest Rate cause i donot knwo my Credit History iv never owned a CC or any kind of loans i only owe to cell phone companys cause i signd a contract with bullshit stuff and just stopped makng payments on phone 2 companys T-Mobile & US Cellular…with helio but there stupid so now im verizon but my point is are my Caulculations correct? also iv contacted experian trans union and or Equifax and all they do is send me a ( ) blank REPORT. so yea. im going tomorrow to the dealership what was soo funny i know cars well expecilly VW’s anyways so the car has been sitting for 4 years right and i test drove it and told him hey ya knwo the alingment needs some fixin a little he says:” well the car has been sitting for a while” and im like : DUDE dont be fucking stupid alighnments dont just go BAD” yea i put the salemen in his place i had 2 salesmen at the end of the day anyways there such cokroaches and liers haha. but there going to work 2 my standerds or i go someplace else….i know my auto stuff. and im not going to get stiffed by some hoky poky lier. :) ok well thanks man. again sorry for the bother, just seem’s you know ur math :) and a nice person

June 1st, 2008

JasonH's avatar JasonH said

thanks for the advice helps me decide what the right thing to look for

May 28th, 2008