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Myself: Yahoo! Answer refugee, a student teacher kind of and a mystery story lover. Currently trying to write one.

My big secret: I’m an internet Mafioso :P

Another secret: I like film-noir and obscure arthouse movies, and I love discussing about them, and sometimes rambling about them. I ramble about them at https://silienasrandomreviews.blogspot.com/

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Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

I don’t actually know much about Mexico. I know lots more about Africa.
I saw some comments made by somebody from Africa. It made me curious, so I have been looking up videos posted by people who live there, or visited.

I never learned much in school about other countries.i learned more about our solar system in science class, than the continents of our own planet.

The African countries are interesting, but also mostly sad.

Mexico is also sad, but in very different ways.
African countries, most of them, make little or no effort to educate their citizens. Pretty much any wealth goes to the various governments.

In Mexico, at least part of the government tries to make the country functional, profitable, and respected, but clever outlaw citizens have so much control, and influence with corrupt police, that even the best leadership struggles without much gain.

Libya borders the Mediterranean Sea, and stands in the way of passage to European wealth and supposed freedom. Many africans trying to flee their countries hoping to reach Europe end up being captured in Libya, and sold into slavery.

Did you know there is at least one African village where there are no men allowed? They have protested forced marriage and abuse, and started their own village where no men are allowed.

April 13th, 2021

Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Second portion series follows these parts with two more parts.

Second portion part 1

Second portion part 2

This totals up to between nine and ten hours of watching Washington, and the colonies, grow up, make decisions, and follow a passion to death or victory.
If they failed, the ones of high ranking officers, and high political office, would travel for several weeks on board ships to England, and be hanged. Of course, they would first face the court, with people of “noble” position present, including “ladies” of high social status, and then public display before putting their necks in a noose.

There was a lot of wilderness. Most people had no idea how big the continent was, and nobody considered the possibility of growth going west more than twice as far as the Mississippi River. At that time, only a few had gone as far as the Mississippi, which stretches from the top of the country hundreds of miles south where it ends in the Gulf of Mexico. It is wide, and rough in some parts. Well, lemme show you.

“This:“https://youtu.be/BKC3Nthm5ck is a pretty good map, close ips of different parts, and lots of explanations about its size, and how it gets used.
There are stories about locations of dams where supposedly divers working just below the dams saw catfish so big, the divers freaked out that they would be swallowed. Catfish don’t have scales. Their skin is smooth and soft. The part people call the whiskers are only wriggly at the ends. Inside those are hard, sharp pointed spines which they can stab you with if they get to jerk their head around. Channel catfish make a sound like a little whimpering puppy, so killing them is tough. Anyway, some people catch them by noodling. They stick their arm in little cave like places along the edge of water, and a hiding catfish will swallow their wiggling fingers, sometimes all the way to the elbow! You have to lift it fast, and throw it onto shore. They have no teeth but they have sharp ridges in there. When they swallow an arm, they spin on it, trying to cut off what they have swallowed. They can’t do that, but they can make some pretty deep gouges. So, imagine if divers really did see catfish six to eight feet long! No pictures, carcass, bones or other evidence has ever been seen, but lots of people believe there really are some monster cats living in the Mississippi. There have been mighty big ones caught, and their mouths open bigger than their own bodies, but still none big enough to eat a human.

When we were teens, me and my brother rode our bikes twelve miles to this bridge then across the bridge over the Mississippi River to the town on the other side. My mom worked at a store there. We rode there, then made mom drive us home when she got off work.
We came from the opposite direction of the video. The bridge is creepy to ride across, because there is no pavement. It is tons of steel grid. You can see down through it to the river below. The motion of the river while riding a bike makes you dizzy, and you feel like you will fall right through. It is like a mile across. When we got to the other side, we had to stop and let our stomachs settle before going on to mom’s work. When we got close, we had plenty of time, so we got cheeseburgers and shakes at a place close by. Mom had no idea we decided to do this until we walked in the store to see if she was about ready to go.
Going home, we both shut our eyes on the bridge. Lol.

Most of the time my brother and I didn’t get along. That day we were just chatting, and figured out both of us thought riding bikes across that bridge would be like a daredevil stunt.
We sure bragged about it a lot for weeks.
OMG, I wrote a book. Well, enjoy.

December 25th, 2020

Jeruba's avatar Jeruba said

Aww, someone deleted your brilliant take on that sprawling nonquestion yesterday. Well, I hope lots of people got to admire it first.

June 8th, 2020



April 11th, 2020

mazingerz88's avatar mazingerz88 said

Oh ok. Will check it asap. I’m on hiatus right now. Sadly. Still on page 15, colored but not lettered. 15 more pages to go but need to replenish my funds first. Thank you btw!

September 23rd, 2019