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My story begins back in the heady days of the 1980’s. No, not when I was born for I pre-date that particular decade.

Instead, it was the decade of my first hero, Indiana Jones. Nevermind your James Bond. You can keep your Superman. For me, it was a guy in a hat running around with a whip. Nowadays, that may have a different connotation but back then it was all about the Jones.

His ability to uncover those ancient treasures led to me discovering archaeology. Thankfully, in my 20+ years in archaeology, I have never had to defeat Nazis, escape from large rolling boulders, or shoot people. (Oh and I’ve never had the hat) However, I have been stuck in a hole and had to be rescued with a ladder much to the amusement of my fellow diggers.

Aside from my attempts at digging through a sea of mud, (well it is Scotland so mud is a common event) I have also taken to educating others through my work as a ghostwriter. It is something of interest to me even though it has taken some 4 years to write about ghosts. I am also about to have my first books published with my name rather than that of someone else. Makes a change knowing who I am writing for.

Oh, I am also now a member of Mensa, but that just means I can work out which shape goes in which hole and in which order.

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