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I live in Hawaii. I have a lot of family members three are human and the rest are of the animal type.
I guess most people will be able to tell by my name that I love animals. I hail from the PA Dutch part of the USA and have made Hawaii my home for over the past thirty years.
I have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and before that I was a professional chef for many years.
I believe that all animals have a right to a happy healthy life free from anger or contempt from human beings.
I believe in learning new things and using your mind to its full potential.
I believe in freedom and take the necessary steps to insure we keep it.
I enjoy reading, writing and gardening when I can. I enjoy most types of music. I love the internet as it is a vast source of learning material at your fingertips.

Things that upset me are:
People who hurt animals
People who have no empathy
People who are oblivious to things going on in the world
People who litter
Creeps in general

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