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25/12/2018 Ah, my bumblebee! It’s there because several years ago, I was in deep depression while trying to understand an illness I have, dealing with it, asking the Whys, when my husband insisted that I accompany him to the Pacific beach. Upon arriving, a bumblebee flew into my car window and landed on my leg. I opened the door and urged it out, but it would not go, so I got out of the car to give it more freedom. Bee still would not leave. I decided that if it wanted to be with me, that was fine, so I just enjoyed it.

Bee stayed, in spite of the fact that the beach was quite windy that day, wandering up and down my arms and hands—the first time I had ever been able to see a bee up close. Fascinating, beautiful, fuzzy little fellow with such vibrant color!

After a while, we needed to go, so I looked near where Bee had flown through my window and found bushes that were just covered with bees. I took him there, to see if he wanted to leave, and he did. He was soon gone, but the memory stayed, making me smile, easing the depression. So I drew this bee using my computer mouse. There have been several versions of Bee, but this simplest one is the one I use most often.

Grandfather had a wonderful,
deep laugh—a laugh like the
gentlest of thunders: timeless,
unlimited by space. It was not
an infectious laugh; instead, it
was one causing the hearer to
stop, listen, and hope he soon
would rumble it out once more.

Feline Queens

We had a cat named Cotsum who
bore a litter every spring.
Tiny blind kittens nursed one night
were devoured the following day.

Cotsum was mainly ignored by all—
black queen though she was—reigning
in majesty, pomp, and great disdain
for the ones who gave her a home.

She was mother’s cat, and they bonded
with a mutual understanding and respect
that foiled all but those who dwelt there.


I had minor surgery today, and waking up at home afterward, I was very disoriented. Trying to figure out what time/day it was, after I had already said it to my husband, I realized I had asked him, “Is it still yesterday now, or is this tomorrow?”


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