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I am female, I love living, and I love some people.
I like writing spur of the moment thoughts, like this:
I felt my feet leaving the ground. I found myself sky high with my head in the clouds. I couldn’t see through the big white fluff, to realize I have left reality far behind. It’s fun, flittering about thinking only of my hearts desires, creating movies in my head. I run them, and rerun them, until I know them by heart. I decide to add a new chapter, when I notice the clouds grow dark. A whole new feeling is swirling about and, I am finding myself truly alone, sky high in a thunder cloud. The weight of that massive dark cloud is becoming a burden, and the fun has been replaced with fear. Fear of what, fear of the unknown or perhaps the truth. Is that the cloud raining, or is that me crying? The feeling of turmoil in my stomach, like my world is dropping out from under me. When suddenly, my feet slam down on the ground, the impact snaps my mouth shut. I dare not move, so I stand frozen to the ground. I wait,.... I look,..... I listen. I hear something ever so faintly, straining my ears, my eyes wide open, trying to make sense out this. Is it my head telling me something? Or is It my heart pounding on me to pay attention to life?

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FutureMemory's avatar FutureMemory said

You always ask good questions. I’m glad you came back to Fluther.

July 30th, 2010


Your DIL sounds just like one of mine. I was so glad when my son divorced the con artist he first married – after she ran off and took everything they owned while he was on an aircraft carrier in the Middle East – but he went and did it again. This one comes from a very disadvantaged background – she grew up with her dad in jail. Thank goodness Sonny has some control over her. She adores him, and at age 21, has time to change. They have two precious sons who stay with me every weekend.

July 20th, 2010