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As we age, life has a way of catching up on us. We suddenly become aware of the fact that we are not as young as we use to be by realizing some simple things are harder to do. We get a rude awakening when our eyes need stronger glasses and our bones crackle when we get up from sitting. Weak eyes and cracking bones remind us of our mortality and that youth doesn’t lasts forever.
I could never see myself sixty four years old as a young boy still in school. At that age I thought that thirty was old. Now that I ‘m sixty four, folks thirty years old are spring chickens. I heard someone say once that when you get passed the age of fifty, you’re over the hill, which is simply a nice way to say——you’re old. Well, if that is true, I’m over the hill and sliding down the other side on greased glass. It was a good climb to the top of the hill, only pausing to reflect in retrospect of my journey and giving thanks that I reached this pinnacle of my life as apposed to the alternative. As I press onward to the next decade of my life, I will search for ways to extending my days naturally by maintaining health of mind and body….to be continued

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Ah! Rolls of film! Good luck!

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