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Congratulations on your 5K!

July 26th, 2011

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Congratulations on 5k! :D

July 26th, 2011

Blueroses's avatar Blueroses said

Hey, cool! Congrats on the 5k!

July 25th, 2011

Dutchess_III's avatar Dutchess_III said

Don’t want to bore everyone down there who’ve heard this, but when Rick and I owned the mower shop we’d set up at the fair every year, to sell new mowers, trimmers, etc. We were there for about 10 hours a day from Wednesday until the following Sunday, and it broke 100 every day. It was HOT. You’d be literally chugging lemonade and water almost constantly…but that would get expensive. So after the 1st day we bought a bunch of gator aide to put in our cooler, and we’d be in that cooler chugging gator aide all day. Literally, you didn’t drink. You chugged.
All day we sat, and walked and chugged gator aide. After dark the older folks, like the farmers- -people who’d want to buy our stuff—would leave, the rides would come on and the party crowd came out. We’d just sit and watch them and laugh. Well, Saturday we had this brilliant idea to spike our gator aide that evening, after dark, when we probably wouldn’t have any more customers. We asked the guy at the liquor store what went good with Gator aid. (He laughed too, BTW!) But he did suggest vodka since…well you aren’t supposed to smell like booze at the Fair (I guess smelling like a Russian is OK at the fair….) Anyway! We bough a ½ pint. I drank about ¾ths a bottle of blue gator aide and poured the vodka in, planning to use it as our mixer on the sly, and stuck it in the cooler. It was just another bottle of blue gator aid, albeit watered down some. Well, dark came on, Rick was finishing up with one last potential customer, and while he was doing that I made myself a gator aide / vodka drink. When he got back I pulled the mixer out, pointed at it and “wink wink,” you know! I put it back in the cooler. Then Rick reaches in the cooler,grabs the mixer bottle, took the lid off, and put it up to his mouth to drink and I thought “How RUDE! Like drinking milk right out of the bottle! HOW RUDE!!” I glanced away in disgust for a moment….JUST FOR A MOMENT! And when I looked at him again he was frozen, with the EMPTY bottle of gator aide mixer frozen in mid air, where it was when it hit him. His eyes were a big as saucers,.and getting bigger by the second! I squealed, “Rick!!!! There was a half a pint of Vodka in there!!!”
He chokes…“No…(gasp)...shit..(gasp)!” I suddenly realize what had happened…he’d gone to chug a gator aide like we’d been doing all day, not realizing that the one he grabbed was the mixer! And he drank it so fast, like we’d been doing all day, that when it hit him what it was it was too late….it was GONE!!!! Flat GONE in the time it took me to glance away in disgust to the time I glanced right back..which was no time at all, man! I never laughed so hard in my life! To see his face! He slowly turned toward me, and suddenly this really goofy smile came over his face! He says, “Man! I was jus chukking along when. sunnly, there was a five alarm fire in my THROAT man!!! Like ‘Ding ding din dindh!!! FIRE!! Fire! In my THROAT man Red LIGHTS! In my THROAT man!” Fortunately Rick holds his liquor very, very well, so I was the only one who could tell that he wasn’t right in the head, but boy did he have a load of fun after that! All by himself because he drank all the Vodka!! In, literally, THREE SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 2nd, 2010