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A thirty-something glorified shelf-stacker, having got fed up of being at the bottom end of the ladder, I’ve signed up to do a degree in management so that people might start to take notice having worked my butt off for little or no recognition or reward. Bringing the A game to be on the CV – hopefully.

I’m a creative sort of person, I come from a family with strong military ties that dates back to the 1400s, and most of my family in one collective happy bunch are still involved in the nation’s defense, waving weapons around and jumping out of perfectly serviceable vehicles (or floating in a tin can underwater). I’m not because it’s not the life for me.

I’m an avid and active supporter of many military charities. I think a soldier’s task is a thankless one, they may get paid to do the job, and may get recognized based on merit by various medals and awards in the job, but outside of it, I don’t think they really get the credit they should find themselves deserving of. Our country does little to honor them except during Remembrance Day. The rest of the year for them, is the same shit, different day. They might not be bothered about it, because it’s their job and they get paid to do their job, but I do give a shit as does my 94 year old Grandpa.

I have interests in many topics, but I tend to stick with the ones I like the most, medieval military history, technology, music and art.

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You’ve got me laughing so hard right now!

February 24th, 2013

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Welcome to Fluther! I’m loving your posts!

February 5th, 2013