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Often Imitated, never duplicated!

I’m 26 years old from Ontario, Canada. I have my Bachelor of Arts with a double major in history and kinesiology. I am currently studying to attain my Bachelor of Education. With this, I hope to become a high school history/kin teacher.

My interests and hobbies are very diverse. I consider myself and intellectual jock. I love sports of all kinds and whether it’s playing or watching them, I can have a ton of fun. I also love reading. One of my favourite authors is Robert Jordan, creator of the Wheel of Time series. I also enjoy many other genres of books as well. I can be found reading fantasies, history or anatomy textbooks for fun, or some of the classics. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favourite pieces of classical literature.

I also enjoy traveling very much. To date, I have been to Mexico, Hungary, Romania, Hong Kong, China, and all across the United States (NY, NJ, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma,Kansas, and California). I hope in the future to travel to Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Japan.

Well enough about me. If you wanna learn more, just ask! I’m an open book!

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Atti's avatar Atti said

Regarding your answer:
Thanks so much for your response. I had ice on and off for over and hour and tried
chloraseptic spray. It is finally starting to feel like it is going away. thanks again.

July 14th, 2011

Blueroses's avatar Blueroses said

Thanks for the forgiveness… how many novenas is it for forgetting about hockey? We have a minor league team here that does pretty well and I like going to the games.

Hypocrisy_Central is trying to challenge me to another battle but I don’t particularly like the next guy. Party threads should be hosted by people who actually care enough to make it personal. I’ve worked on a few, but the only one I actually “won” was Hypocrisy’s. I don’t know how much back-reading you’ve done on Fluther, but Hypo used to be staggeringly unpopular. Don’t know why, but I liked him straight off. He had a bit of a stand-offish attitude (honestly, he could be a complete asshat) that totally changed once he got an appreciation thread dedicated to him. That’s why I asked you to help me with Kate. I saw what it did for Hypo_. I didn’t care so much about the win as making sure it wasn’t some boring and simple “congratulations” thing.

July 14th, 2011

msbcd's avatar msbcd said

Can two strangers fall in love? Ps: that’s a legit question

July 10th, 2011

msbcd's avatar msbcd said

Sorry, I don’t talk to strangers :P

July 10th, 2011