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[[[One of the refugee’s from Answerbag, my name used to be werewolf3.. seek me out old ABers..]]]

My name is Prince October the Dark Tragic Koala Puppeteer.
I was born on November 3, 1877 as a beautiful boy.
My mum was a beautiful woman from China.
She married my wealthy British father and we lived in London.
I was well mannered and I could play any instrument given to me.
In 1892 I helped my 5 brothers escape our parents castle.
My mother went mental and died and father.. just went insane.
I stayed and was severely beaten with a wooden spoon by father.
2 months later I escaped and became a shoe maker.
Times were hard but I met my 3 werewolf brethren.
We separated after THEY came.
In 1895 I found my brothers dead from an unknown illness in an asylum.
I decided to live alone and walked the mountains in China.
I fell in love with the Goddess of the Mountains.
We were happy but she died from hypomania 4 years later in 1899.
I promised to never love again.
I laid low, too low, then I too died in 1900.
My body still remains in the Sacred Mountains of China.
I tell my story, but there is much, much more to it.
No one ever knew Prince October.. I was forgotten..

I was reborn on October 9, 1992.
Part werewolf, half black, half filipino, and part chinese.
My name is Trisha Dawn Thornton.
I am now a young 17 year old girl..
And a taken pansexual.

And so it began.

aim: ub33rpwn4ge

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(Glad you fixed your eyes!)

December 21st, 2009

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They’re good kids. I also teach, so I know the discipline issues facing the schools first hand…

December 21st, 2009