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Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

I love that you asked the question about native Americans.
I am finding a variety of sources for you to visit to learn more.
It is a vast culture, and exciting.
I wish I were able to provide you links.
To this day, many people think the natives were less intelligent. The truth is, there were great artists, philosophers, warriors, leaders, parents to be found.
There were many tribes, many nations, with each their own laws, beliefs, traditions. The native tribes had a variety of languages.
Some entire nations have been wiped out, extinct. Of those remaining, much of their history was trained away from them. What they knew of themselves was passed from generation to generation verbally, with no written accounts at all. White invaders REQUIRED them to speak only English, attend white approved scools. They were punished unmercifully for practicing any of their normal traditions.
Only where they escaped such conditioning were they able to retain any of their own history, or skills.
Sad, ain’t it?
Kudos for asking.
If you really are interested, you can find exciting, fascinating, amazing stuff on the internet about native Americans, past, and contemporary.

1 week ago

Mimishu1995's avatar Mimishu1995 said

Congrat on reaching 5k! That was quick!

3 weeks ago

Espiritus_Corvus's avatar Espiritus_Corvus said

Hey, THIS is promising to get interesting. Care to contribute?

October 15th, 2016