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Libertarian green witch (solitary) and word wrangler extraordinary. Good eye. Great shot. Redneck’s best friend and wife. Bubba and Khan and Stevie and Bob’s “mom” (feeder and medic). Chatelaine. Voice actor.

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mij's avatar mij said

I didn’t have a choice where my daughter in law came from. My son made that decision.
Visiting a 3rd world country is a great privilege for us we learn so much from the local village people.
They have oats, but don’t like oat porridge, they make the most delicious savoury rice porridge. Remember that rice and fish is the stable diet.
By the way last time I looked I was very much a boy…

January 25th, 2009

mij's avatar mij said

Regarding your answer:
Thanks big S. Yes to all your suggestions, the village we visit is pretty much 3rd world poor, but with the most happy friendly people who give their all to us visitors. It’s like wev’e never left.
Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not American, can only manage being Scottish. Think about a thich Scottish brogue in an Indonesian speaking village…
We always try to leave a nice impression…

January 24th, 2009