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19 years ago a small oval shaped stone was found some 8,000 feet below the surface of the Sargasso Sea. It was entirely smooth, about the size of a matchbox and was a very glossy obsidian black.

Its origins were initially thought to be volcanic and as it had been brought up by a deep ocean biological survey mission, it was simply given to a local geological society in Cairo, Egypt, when the ship had used the Suez Canal to pass through the Mediterranean.

On the 12 October, 1992, an earthquake struck Egypt, damaging parts of Cairo, El-Giza and El-Faiyum.

The building housing the stone (it was in storage not on display), was completely razed to the ground. It was never found.

However when local authorities inspected the rubble they found a child, unharmed, aged somewhere between six and eight months of age. The infant had completely dark eyes, an obsidian black.

No parents claimed the child and he was ultimately adopted by a visiting professor of geological sciences, from the US.

His name was Dr. Charles Tanlander.

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