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This is my story, in 1991 (Earth-time) my ship experienced a disastrous and a shattering decompression just about when it was impacted by some gigantic meteorite, and the sad truth is I was forced to crash land on this planet – PLANET EARTH. After a couple of days on this planet, I finally accepted the fact that I was stranded here. What I concluded from all the possibilities is that the best thing was to take over the body of a newborn child. That seemed the only option at that time because trying to posses the body and the mind of a fully developed grown-up human could have potentially caused in some major suspicion if others noticed a sudden and a hasty alteration in my host’s personality. So I’ve concluded to stay here for some time now awaiting my rescue, but my ship was so damaged to a point where I wasn’t able to send out a distress call, so no one is even going to notice that I’m missing for another 57 light years. Since then, I’ve considered things such as triangulation and various amounts of calculations for my spaceship…. but all has failed due to the limited abilities of my host. So I guess you could say that it’s safe to predict and assume that I’m going to be here on earth for a while.

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