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I live in the deep south, work for the judicial department, LOVE my job, and had the best dog EVER until November 13, 2015 when she went to the Rainbow Bridge. I am again a Shih Tzu mom to a beautiful 5 year-old black & white rescue named Marcy.

Stuff I love: being a good friend, herb gardening, seeing justice done, traveling—NYC in particular, gourmet cooking, sweet tea, wearing flip flops, learning new things, intellectual repartee with people who may change my point of view
Stuff I don’t like: posers and liars, collards, people who think hitting is an acceptable way to deal with issues whether it’s animals, their spouse or their kids

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redhen4's avatar redhen4 said

Regarding your answer:
I’ve seen Gala, but not tried them yet. Granny’s are too tart unless I bake with them.

February 3rd, 2011