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I audited a course at kelsey college in grade 8 and performed extremely well. I invent all the time, and I also greatly enjoy batch programming and coding/ decoding binary code. I play piano. I’m sure I can solve any problem you have. I also have an account under the same name at www.instructables.com

Go here to see programs that I have made or am making. Currently I have a great history manager for uTorrent and a desktop cleanup application!

My YouTube channel, I upload videos about mods and inventions sometimes.

Stupid boner. I’m going to take it into the washroom and give it such a beating it will think twice about coming out again.

Best regards:

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Tropical_Willie's avatar Tropical_Willie said

Regarding your answer:


July 9th, 2012

filmfann's avatar filmfann said

Here is a link. You hear it about 6:10. The song came out in 96, not 69.

February 12th, 2012

mrsunlawfulentry1's avatar mrsunlawfulentry1 said

Regarding your answer:
I do have an attorney from another county, however, he can only do so much because he is not one of the “good ole’ boys” or in their small town club. I don’t think that I am wasting my time on here. If something happens to me, at least the more people who know-the better. He is mainyl focused on the divorce.
I am not the only woman going through abuse of her husband and him being a police officer-maybe someone else could benefit from information here.
Enrolled in college full time and working part time, seeking ideas, and help from others on here, and trying to live life everyday. Yes it is ALL scary. Me being at the mercy of a small town judge, and knowing soon to be ex can pretty much do as he pleases.
Thanks for writing.

October 27th, 2011

basstrom188's avatar basstrom188 said

Holocaust is from a Hebrew word meaning fire so I think you right to use the expression Nuclear holocaust. In good old pre-politically correct days it was OK to use the word to describe a serious fire, such a large building burning down, a holocaust.

October 10th, 2011

GabrielsLamb's avatar GabrielsLamb said

You’re welcome little one… Troll hunt!

*Be vewy vewy quiet… I’m huntin Twolls. huh huh huh huh huhhhh.”

October 10th, 2011