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How much info is too much????? I am married-24 years, mother of a 22 yr old son. I’m the only female in the family, and the only one with a science-oriented existence. The hubby and son are talented and driven artists. We’re all smart-alecs and strongly opinionated.
I have lived and traveled all over the world, spending quite a lot of my kid hood between the U.S. & Australia. I am proud to say I am a Navy Brat, due to my father serving until his death, while on duty, here on U.S. soil, in 1961. Yeah, that makes me 50. However, I am not old, just broken in a bit.
I live in Illinois, co-own a business, and volunteer as much as possible. In what little free time I have I read, I’m learning to knit, I write and blog, and keep what ever sanity in our house I can find. I can also cook.

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Shippy's avatar Shippy said

hello Anne, ty for your message, forgive me I havent been here for a good few days. Ive made so many positive changes, I am quite pleased. I have been going out, seeing people etc., I get very very tired after. But that could be old age, not sure? Or getting older. I should say. I am sorry to hear of your bad experience, if ever you wish to chat, I am a good listener. Big hugs to you and thank you for your friendship.

March 23rd, 2012