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I live in Trinidad and Tobago. Went through high school, The University of the West Indies and the College of Librarianship Wales. Worked in the library services of my country for some 30 years and am now on contract to the National Library as a cataloger.

A voracious reader me, and I have been all my life. My chief love is Victorian fiction, followed by thrillers, science fiction and detective fiction.

Second in my list of favorites is politics, that is to say, live politics, not theory. I did a course in Marx and Communism at UWI and even now I am not sure that I understood it, because the texts had to be read with a dictionary at hand. I follow the news of my country (a habit of years). and the internet has greatly widened my horizons in respect of the life and politics of the United States and the Caribbean area.

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Congratulations on the 5K! Your posts are always worth reading.

July 11th, 2013