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love water, mountains, trees, hills, sunsets, early morning runs, talking and sharing feelings, love being at home, resourceful, love a good cold beer.

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PandoraBoxx's avatar PandoraBoxx said

Great poem! Mind if I add it to my commonbook, which is a collection of short poems and quotes that I like?

October 11th, 2009

irocktheworld's avatar irocktheworld said

just wantedto say hi! =)

June 26th, 2009

tiffyandthewall's avatar tiffyandthewall said

haha thank you! :D

June 8th, 2009

A_Beaverhausen's avatar A_Beaverhausen said

why thanks :)

February 23rd, 2009

aprilsimnel's avatar aprilsimnel said

Aw, I know. I’ve seen him when I’m in downtown Manhattan, zipping by on his little Vespa, rocking those ugly orange gardening clogs!

January 29th, 2009