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MrItty's avatar MrItty said

Quick note – regardless of how much we do or do not agree on the issue, you are by far my favorite person in the “children” thread. Thank you for being one of the remarkably few to discuss the topic with calmness, reason, and logic. Kudos to you!

August 27th, 2009

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar Sueanne_Tremendous said

I have some on display at, but the vast majority are at a store front I own. They are merely in the store front windows as decoration as I closed the store about a year ago. I wish I had room at home for all of them!

February 5th, 2009

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar Sueanne_Tremendous said

Hi>..Yes…I collect only leaded glass, not stained. Most of the glass is beveled and many have gorgeous designs.

January 29th, 2009

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar Sueanne_Tremendous said

I loooveee Patti’s Gimme Shelter. I dunno if I would say it’s better than the Stones version (Merry’s back up vocals might be the best of all time) but I love Pattti. I saw her in Madison, WI on the horses tour. Incredible.

January 25th, 2009

bodyhead's avatar bodyhead said

No worries. I really am a friendly person.

November 9th, 2008