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No problem! (Again, the best expert is someone who’s both studied this considerably & is at least connected to the transgender community, so while I answered as accurately as possible, if someone knows what they’re talking about, they’re worth listening to even if it differs a bit in detail from my answer. Also, it’s fit to mention that sometimes members of a marginalized community will find that people constantly expect them to be their personal expert & educator regarding their ‘class’ of people, be it a culture, a race or gender expression.

They’re not the easiest to find, but thankfully there’s materials out there that allows anyone willing to educate themselves enough not to require imposing on other’s attention/effort in order to learn. This page seems a very solid compilation of such resources, if you or anyone is interested! )

Thank you for bringing the subject up & being open to exploring what you can do to better respect trans folk & hopefully contribute to a culture where they’re not constantly dehumanized! :)

April 24th, 2011