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King_Galaxius's avatar King_Galaxius said

Regarding your answer:

Thank you :)

January 30th, 2022

Tropical_Willie's avatar Tropical_Willie said

Regarding your answer:
Thanks elbanditoroso, strangest thing I’ve had at an oriental restaurant was pickled jelly fish tentacles .


January 7th, 2022

Jeruba's avatar Jeruba said

Congratulations on passing the 30k milestone! Not so easy to do these days. You are a great contributor.

June 21st, 2021


Regarding your answer:

May 2nd, 2021

luigirovatti's avatar luigirovatti said

I’ve replied to your answers to a thread, I admit, 1 month old. Please, reply to this. Thank you: https://www.fluther.com/224634/is-the-following-quote-from-sam-johnstone-1-misjudged/

February 3rd, 2021