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Quotable Jellies!
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“This homeless guy once pointed to me and said ‘You are the true Princess of Ireland.I have an army of 100,000 willing to die for you to take back your throne. Not a single one is a straight white male.’”
~ keobooks

“It is shameful that for many people in this country, it’s easier to gain access to a gun than a therapist.” ~ nikipedia

“I’ve recently started getting in to Barkcore which is Elvis tunes being covered by a fella beating a bunch of various sized cats with a bunch of various sized dogs. Real cutting edge shit.” ~ Blondesjon

“I’ve always thought there should be scenic masturbation points like scenic overlooks. ‘Scenic masturbation point 2 miles. lol” ~ Coloma

“We need more real women. Too many women are trying to be other species. Ladies, stop trying to be pandas and wombats; just be yourself!”
~ Blackberry

“I thought they were having a joke on me when they told me to check the leech fridge.” ~Blueroses

“I do pronounce ‘americans’ as ‘colonials’.” ~ragingloli

“I think people have a right to reject the societies groupings, to self identify themselves, and that should be accepted, but the societal definitions do affect us to some extent, we can’t escape them completely, even if we want to.” ~JLeslie

“Does my goatee detract from my handlebar moustache?”

“And that’s the thing about being offended, I realized. Saying you are a offended is a way of gaining power over someone else. It is a way of limiting their freedom. You are suggesting that your sense of offense is more important than the other persons freedom to express themselves.” ~Wundayatta

“One of my other students (who, BTW, is extremely intelligent….have yet to let him know he’s smarter than I am!) asked, “Well, are we (the class) Producers or Consumers?”
I just stared at him with my mouth open a little, not believing this bright kid even asked that question. I didn’t say a word, just inclined my head a bit, and he went “Oh man!! Now that just really sucks.”
I just nodded my head. Ya duz. I know he went back and discussed this with his cell mates.” ~Dutchess_III

“Trolls exist for the purpose of fucking shit up, and were preceded by the Vikings, who in turn existed to get drunk and then fuck shit up…” ~ Symbeline Berserker

”@Bellatrix, bees surrendered their right to live in peace when they violated the social contract by continually trying to sodomize my face.” ~ Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard

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I love your profile description, hahaha!

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