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I have a very compassionate family who love me as I am and for this I am eternally grateful, but my greatest regret in my present life is being born with some kind of mental illness and I think mental deficiency.I am a whole body donor and I am glad to know that when I pass on as many people as possible will be given my organs .This is the best thing I have done in my life. I have very liberal views regarding religion.I think sometimes as an athiest, christian , buddhist and accept all religious faiths so long as they don’t impose on human rights.I support assisted suicide for terminal illness and also persons with a longterm mental illness if they are anadult and have repeatedly requested it for themselves.
I think if Jesus existed he was a real nice guy an extremely compassionate person who suffered greatly.I would fall at his feet in shame and beg for mercy ..Compared to Jesus, Buddha seems to have got off lightly. He doesn’t seem to suffer any pain he just smiles all the time and tells people in pain this is their karma.I am interested in Buddhism and like the idea of reincarnation to become a more enlightened soul but I don’t believe telling someone with a terminal or mental illness they were born with, that this is their karma is really very helpful.I am really not sure why I was born at all .My existance on Earth seems stuck between the Earthly and Spiritual Plane.I am not sure where I belong I was blessed with being born with a Mother who has never left on this Earth.I am afraid of death but at the same time I feel close to it and I see my Mother’s face as an angel healing me and seeing I pass peacefully.I believe my Mother is an angel who brought me into this world out of compassion because I was so lonely on the otherside.I am extremely grateful for having a Mother.If there is a God he must have loved me a tiny bit because he gave me my beautiful Mother and she has a Mother’s love.Mother please forgive me for not listening to you more and following in your beloved footsteps.

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