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I was born on a rainy sunday day, full of people around me and so much love that I couldn’t remember about it without dropping a tear. My father held me softly in his arms while my mother was singing to me a lullaby. I’m now a succeed graphic design and a wonderful person, full of patience and love – about to love the whole world with my arms and heart. I have a lovely wife and two blond kids, a big house in the suburb and a great job. I’m absolutely happy with life and God.


—- Just kidding.

If you believed in anything about this shit you really need to consult a doctor or stop reading fairy stories because your mind is really fucked up. I don’t know the weather in the day that I was born or even the weekday. I think my mother was crying more than me and my father was thinking about all the money he was about to lose when all this shit happened. I’m not a succeed graphic design what doesn’t mean I don’t want to be one. I don’t even have enough age to have kids and wife (little laughs about ‘wives’) what unfortunately isn’t what the majority of the kids of my age think. I don’t have a job neither, nor even think about that in this very moment – I’m studdin’ and that’s all I can do in the moment. I think I don’t have to mention that I’m not that happy with life and God – sometimes I doubt about if both topics are or not real or present in my life.

I fart. I burp. I cry. I laugh. I see. I think. I try. I fail. I live. I believe. I read. I watch. I wonder. And I also give up. That’s me all fucked up and dramatic as usual, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

With all your respect,

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