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Hi there! Thank you for checking my profile. I am a former ABer and I’m glad that I came across this site:)

“kounoupi” is a Greek word and means mosquito.

Two things you might want to know about me:
-I am a non-native English speaker; my primary language is Greek. I am bound to make mistakes; pls bear with me.
-I am a MD, that means that I have some knowledge over health issues. However, NOBODY (even the most skilled MD of the world) can diagnose via the Internet.

I was born and live in Greece. I can answer most questions about my homeland, so feel free to ask me anytime.

My avatar is a Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus).
The Mediterranean monk seal is thought to be the world’s rarest sea mammal – current estimates suggest that there are only 500 monk seals in the Mediterranean and 250 of them live in the waters around Greece. They face extinction largely due to the action of humans, for the overdevelopment of beaches and coves, fishing which has reduced the amount of food available for the seals and also has caused them many accidents (even resulting in death) from becoming entangled in fishing nets. In the past monk seals were considered a good omen to sailors and fishermen. The ancient Greeks had such respect for the seals that they declared them protected by the Gods Poseidon (sea) and Apollo (sun), due to the seals’ love of both the sun and the sea. The seals have a prestigious history but let’s hope that soon the species is not history too. For more info: http://www.monachus-guardian.org/factfiles/medit01.htm

For more info on the Mediterranean whales and dolphins: http://www.cetaceanalliance.org/index.htm
Check out the videos (under Education)
Visit The New Acropolis Museum:

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