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..... The Madoff ponzi is sad. Madoff should be in jail awaiting trial. But if medicare and social security could be saved if costs were decreased by not allowing the wealthiest 1% to withdraw, shouldn’t it be done? Why should middle class Americans like me making under $100,000 today pay more than necessary into these programs so millionaires like my parents get a monthly check?

All true; I suppose that if those who were really rich and did not need SSS and Medicare and then lost their money, I would like to see something in place for them to get the benefits.

Now, as I am sure you know (are you an MD?), if one puts off signing up for Medicare benefits, there is a monthly penalty.

I am retired and living on 20 acres in the country. My real estate and school taxes are 1/5 of my annual gross taxable income. Luckily my 94 yr old mother, who IS rich as Croesus, gives us all the allowable gift every year.

A friend up the road just had to arrange for 24 hr. care for his 84 year-old mom, who does not want to move out of her apartment. That is a significant chunk of change that comes out of her hide.

Madoff should be doing heavy lifting five days/week for Habitat or road improvement.

My family practioner of 24 years just quit his local practice and 1600 patients because the paper work was so onerous that he was not making money. Now he is a locum tenens at several regional hospital (and was spotted at a Tai Chi class recently.

January 18th, 2009