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Jelly by day, highly trained ninja monkey by night.

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Dani_C's avatar Dani_C said

Hello Long One,

Thanks for your message about proper capitalisation and writing standards. Just noticed that you signed your own username in small caps. I thought the first letter of any name was supposed to be upper case? You did it to my name, after all.

I understand your wish to appear “spiffy” – by the way, love the use of old fashioned, outdated words on your site. Very chic. Are you targeting the over 70’s?

Just so you are aware, my style, my signature, my thing for years has been to write with no caps. So you are asking me to erase my style. A bit of myself, really. But hey, you’re the moderators, aren’t you. First time I’ve ever been asked to do this, on any site, ever. And those other sites still managed to look smart. Well, sometimes anyway. The content by others isn’t always too clever, but then, I guess you can’t impose rules for stupidity, as that would seem unfair to the stupid, who cannot help it.

But again, fine. I certainly don’t want to embarrass you or make your site look bad by using all lower case. But please don’t include spelling and grammar aimed at myself, because I use proper spelling and grammar. And keep in mind that I usually use UK spellings of certain words, which does not mean that I am misspelling them, does it. It means I am in the UK. I also don’t like it implied that I somehow am not making your site look “smart.” I am not a stupid person. And what I write does not convey that, either. So sorry, that bit of your message was just a bit condescending.

If I’m that much of an embarrassment, then you know what? I’m happy to leave. You don’t have much traffic on here, anyway, do you.

But since you’ve gone and contacted me about rules and your wish to appear smart, you know those little messages that appear in the top right corner under your user name? Some of them are offensive. And irritating. And it does not make you appear “smart”, in my opinion. It makes the site look childish. It even borders on creepy. As though you’re being watched.

Also, why can’t you edit your responses more than once? I don’t understand the logic behind that one. Because editing them is often to improve them. But you don’t allow it. So can you please explain because that seems to contradict your policies of wanting to appear smart. It’s also very awkward to create a new paragraph. I’ve never known that on any other web site. Strange, that one.

Finally, no real first name, then? Not even in a private message? And not by a moderator?

In my opinion, people who use their real first name, and who have an actual photo of themselves, rather than an avatar, are being more real, more honest. But hey, that’s just me. i’m not hiding. But I believe it’s called transparency. And it also tends to deter people from being abusive or trollish in whatever they respond to.

But thanks for my warm welcome. I shall remember your kindness, and of course to use capitalisation where I am supposed to – yes, like at the beginning of a sentence, right? It’s all coming back now.


June 9th, 2020

Dutchess_III's avatar Dutchess_III said

Now, about my dog! I’m starting to rethink the RB too. I’ve spoken with Cruiser on FB (who didn’t get a RB after all) and he said the ridge is visible all the time, not just when they’re riled up. I don’t see that.
His face seems too long for a boxer.

October 22nd, 2019

MrGrimm888's avatar MrGrimm888 said

Mainly silent commands about movement. When I first got her, we lived on the edge of the Francis Marion Forest. Very swampy, and full of wildlife. We never hunted anything to hurt it, but I wanted her to be able to quietly observe other animals.

When we got into our apartment, I used to look out of the blinds, when I heard something, only to find Wanda silently looking through the blinds too.

It got to the point where she would just come look at me, and I would say “who’s there?.” And she would take me to the window where there was a person who didn’t belong. No barking, just body movement.

The bone thing, was a mind game. She played it on all our visitors. “Oh no! I dropped my bone, can someone help?” She was much better at playing stupid, than being stupid.

It’s been cold lately. She hated the cold. So, I keep waking up calling for her to get in bed, to get warm. But. Of course, she isn’t there anymore…

Not many pictures. Just isn’t my style. I wish I took more of her. I have a few gems, but no real collection.

I have a place for her ashes, but no time slots for hours of crying.

Her ashes share a shelf with a man I could have called my father. I lost him in 2018. For now, they are keeping each other company…

There is nothing to be done about the dead. Sometimes all there is to do, is reflect on what’s been done…..

February 4th, 2019

Aethelwine's avatar Aethelwine said

I’m sorry for putting you on the spot back in December. I was fixated on something silly. You have no reason to apologize.



January 8th, 2019