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I am trained as an acoustical engineer. I currently live in Columbus OH were I live with my new wife and work for a company developing new acoustical products. I deal with the all aspects of product development for the building industry.

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aaronb's avatar aaronb said

Regarding your answer:

Thank you for your reply to the Astronomer question. I work at the National Space Centre in England and am working on a Fulldome show for the International Year of Astronomy next year. I’ve obviously done a lot of research into what an astronomer and through speaking to astronomers themselves the question of what an astronomer is can be a controversial one… That is to say, many astronomers interpret the role differently.

I particularly liked your response because of it’s personal nature. What is an Astronomer? ... “My Father” In all our research it’s our first personal response.

Thanks again

October 3rd, 2008

freerangemonkey's avatar freerangemonkey said

I am still awaiting a formal response from the USGBC, but I have been told by a highly respected LEED consultant that does a lot of work for my company that the USGBC won’t certify a building that is classified as a “Cold Dark Shell”...this means that we are building the shell (it’s an industrial building) without providing any HVAC or electrical distribution. This work will be by the tenant.

February 13th, 2008