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I am an AB refugee. Though I have not abandoned my AB account complete.,,,yet

I love to discuss religion and science.

I hope that, although we all have bias, you are intelligent and honest enough to understand when bias matters less than the reasoning presented.

Lets agree to stay fallacy free in our exchange of thought.

Thank you.

Thats all for now. :D

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Seek's avatar Seek said

In regard to your request on atheist beliefs, I will try to define as much as possible:

First of all, your question is incorrectly stated. The question assumes the existence of sin and punishment, and that atheists are simply unaware of or refusing to believe in those concepts. As in anything, burden of proof rests on the believer. So, if one is to accept the assumption of your question, you must first prove the existence of the concept of “sin” and the punishment dealt.

Since you cannot prove such, we must assume from the start that there is no such a thing as “sin”, nor the punishment feared. Thus, there is no way sin and punishment can be a logical driving factor in anyone’s morality. If anyone acted with morality due to fear of punishment for sin, they are acting illogically, and thus you’d be better pressed to ask them for an explanation as to why they fear things that are not proven to exist.

Now, if we remove “sin” from your question we have
“Atheists: How do you define/decide right and wrong.”

And my answer would be: the same way humanoids have since the beginning of time. The biological drive for perpetuation of the species. We act in what we believe to be for the greater good of ourselves, our offspring, and our clan. For the most part, any human will act to protect the livelihood of the people close to them, and their property. We are also an empathetic race, and we are willing to act for the mutual good of our clan and other clans. This is why we don’t (for example) rape and murder each other, and why we shun those that do perform those acts.

December 23rd, 2009

Strength's avatar Strength said

I’m glad you didn’t leave AB yet cos I jsut left you a beast of a message on it LOL
I’m switch between the two. I kind of prefer AB still though.

December 13th, 2009

phillis's avatar phillis said

HAHAHAHAHA!! I’d GLADLY have left the points behind if they had only listened to the users. I have nothing left for ANswerbag any longer.

December 11th, 2009