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I’ve been on this earth for 15 years now. I am crazy, obsessed, and a little insane. (: I love to sing, and I have been doing so since I was four years old. I love coffee, dreamers, love, and writing songs. I ABSOLUTELY thank and looovelovelove my warriors, my loves, my friends(: They know who they areee. I have a dog, and I love her so much. I want to be a singer so bad, and I’m getting there.
Lately, I’ve noticed that I don’t know a thing about love. It was an amazing realization, and made me realize that’s why I love it so much. Yeah, I just got over my first love… but I still haven’t had that one, GREAT, love. I’m still waiting. And, I’ll act like an idiot, or a psycho. It’s just me.
I can be really quiet. And I over think, over plan, over obsess over everything. I was already like this before I was a giant and talked and acted like a crazyhead.
My songs are about love, mostly. Which is funny, because I’ve only been in love once. I keep everything inside, until I write. Everything comes out. It’s like a letter to each person, and they know who they are.
My parents and my family are my life. I love them with everything in me and I’m so glad they are still there to help me shape and grow. They have been there through everything. And I will never forget that.
This is my one life, so I will live it without regrets, as much as possible.
Wow, that was a lot. Three minutes, and I thank you so much if you read this whole thing.
With Love~ Paigeā™„

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