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I am retired from previous years as a legal secretary, City Clerk, home secretarial and typesetting services, and finally, theatre costumer. My husband is Kelly; my children are Tony, Christy, and Andrew; my grandchildren are Joseph, Maggie, Jade, Steven and Henry. They are my pride and my joy!

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Evan's avatar Evan said

ouch! well i'd say don't hurt your knees! do you have a large table maybe? if you could get one of those large folding tables (like they use at conferences.. or school lunches) then you could cover that in a white sheet, and then set clothing out on it.. then just get on a step stool, or a chair or step ladder, or something like that to get up a little ways to take the picture.. and then if you needed to you could always crop the pictures down later to only get the white table and clothing. :)

body before profit, that's what i say! good luck!


August 21st, 2007

Evan's avatar Evan said

it's not really critical.. but i think that on the floor you can control the wrinkles, and the layout.. (say, you could lay it flat, and then fold an arm of a shirt toward the center, for instance) and if you get a top town shot, it can sometimes look more professional.. :)

August 20th, 2007

Evan's avatar Evan said

i'm so glad that it's working for you!

as far as the question about the clothing.. is there a problem with how the pictures are turning out? in theory a white sheet background should work (although i would lay it out on the ground, instead of using a hanger), but it's easier to problem solve.. :)

again i'm glad you're having success, and let me know specifics.. :) :)

August 18th, 2007