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Close to the only real intelligent person in the friggin world, ultra liberal jerks need to get a real life as do ultra conservative jerks, gay “sex” makes me puke, drug dealers should be shot on sight, and no, I don’t owe you a damn thing.

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Sorceren's avatar Sorceren said

Regarding your answer:
Yeah, we do get pretty peeved at not having live service in bad weather or high wind. And lately Dish has been acting up, offering weird error messages followed by “We know this is a problem, please don’t call, etc.”


January 29th, 2009

mij's avatar mij said

Regarding your answer:
We get regular R&R visits by the US military in Fremantle, the main Port for Perth where ships make stopovers. They call into regional ports as well, and I must say they always leave a good impression according to our local press.
I admit I’ve seen some ugly Scottish people in my time but it was when soccer hooliganism was at it’s height…
I guess there is a bad element in all groups some just do it better than others…
I really like the positive attitude in most responses, good on you all.

January 27th, 2009

mij's avatar mij said

That would be a start.
I just don’t get all this negativity with the economic crash.
Let’s just get something positive going and a bit of head down bum up!
A bit of hard work might just do us all some good.
And maybe start to think of others less fortunate and give them a wee bit of support.

January 17th, 2009