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Or someone ends up dead all the sudden. Lol

2 months ago

Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

The Dems get their asses whupped when it comes down to facts vs. opinion, and chain of command.
Notice where they clarify with Lt col the word favor, and how in the military the word favor can be meant as an order, then points out neither President in the conversation have any military training, so why would they use it that way. I cracked up when I heard the gears in his head screech to a stop, as he realized he just made a big point for them, when he thought he was being so clever.
I believe that comes just after the four hour mark.

November 19th, 2019

Yellowdog's avatar Yellowdog said

You are actually doing very well against the opposition.

Your answers are very thorough and well-documented and impossible to refute.

Although I realize Trump Derangement Syndrome is an actual psychosis, perhaps not officially named but characterized by very irrational thinking, I don’t think anyone on this site can actually believe what they are espousing. The potty-mouths and irrational responses actually resembles trolling behavior more than anything else.

Since this is trolling, I’d say to respond, keep on writing what will be understood by readers who may be encouraged or who may come to understand more from what you write, but don;t argue with or feed the trolls. I think they are very bad people but I don’t think they are capable of giving up their position, no matter what is revealed in upcoming months.

September 30th, 2019

Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

He’s been nipping at my heels some, but I refuse to engage. That seems to upset him.

You do a pretty good job of getting him to hop.

He tries so hard to show off how many fifty dollar words he knows, and that gives me s headache. I picture him sitting in front of his computer with a thesaurus in one hand and the current Washington Post in the other hand, just waiting for you to post something. ;-D

September 27th, 2019

SaganRitual's avatar SaganRitual said

Hey, thanks much for welcoming me. I like doing this. I dream of the day when left and right can see each other as partners with countless goals in common, instead of all this division and distrust. We humans could be amazing, if we could recognize our similarities rather than always chewing on our differences. I’ll do my best to continue to deserve your compliments. Cheers

June 16th, 2019