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Tropical_Willie's avatar Tropical_Willie said

Worked for a alarm / detector manufacturing company. One of engineers told me.

October 30th, 2012

gondwanalon's avatar gondwanalon said

Hello Selfe,

It is good to hear that your cat’s teeth have been cleaned.

I’m sure that my vet can check cats blood pressure but I’ve never seen him do it. But you can see it being done on this You Tube video: “Cats Get High Blood Pressure Too: Monitor It” (I don’t know how to make a direst link) They use an ultra sound doppler sensor with a tiny blood pressure cuff on the forearm of the cat. It looks simple and easy on the cat.

My cat was very drugged up and wobbly all afternoon and into the evening after his cleaning. The next day he started acting better than he did before his teeth cleaning. And a couple days later her was acting years younger (playing with his “Turbo scratcher” again) and his appetite returned. Before the teeth cleaning was eating very little maybe because of teeth/gum pain.

The little white clouds that you saw in the whole blood may have been the anticoagulant from inside of the tube mixing into the blood.

Other test for blood lipids (besides cholesterol) include the usual LDL, HDL triglycerides and also include direct HDL chylomicrones, VLDL.

I don’t know what methodology your vet uses for testing blood chemistry, but the fibrin clot that you mentioned as “like a gel” would not have stopped me from testing your cats blood. I would simple ream the extract the gel and re-centrifuge the blood specimen. It sounds like your vet’s chemistry analyzer relies exclusively on plasma and the person who drew your cat’s blood didn’t mix in the anticoagulant fast enough to stop the blood’s clotting mechanisms.

Good health!


January 5th, 2011