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Ok- my story… in a few random and unorganized facts:

I’m about to finish my masters in occupational therapy at Quinnipiac University.

I have moved many times and try to make the best out of everything.

I see life as always changing in some degree regardless of our actions and know that this makes for two types of people: those who take responsibility and those who let this alone define them.

I’m pretty easy going and however extremely spastic. My fluther questions are always long and I can’t help that, it’s just what you get.

I do not have a social filter at all as well as more sarcasm than sympathy. This is an amazingly blissful thing and absolutely terrible at the same time; I will tell you exactly how I feel all of the time because overtime I’ve learned that I like it more than try not to do it, cuts out the bs of life.

Despite the last fact I consider myself an illogical optimist, after all I’m going to school to help people.

I am always learning or seeking to find out. I seriously enjoy listening to and having conversations beyond the topic of “if they would just do things exactly how I believe they should be done the world would be in perfect order” because oh really? They wrote a song for you and it goes a little something like this,... “you’re so vain”, I will happily send you the link on youtube.

I have been to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua to do therapy. I feel extremely blessed to have gotten the chance.

I don’t always find the time to fluther but I try.

My favorite discussion topic is human behavior – it is the most interesting thing and I can’t get enough of trying to figure it out.

The four leaf clover is a tattoo I have on my ankle (see one of my questions) and may be the only thing in my life I could argue that I regret however I do not believe in regret because it doesn’t advance a person in any beneficial way. Ironic?

Well by now you’ve decided if you think I’m annoying, don’t make sense, a hypocrite and/or a hater, or your new best friend. And if it’s any by the last you either wouldn’t bother to read this whole thing or read it while thinking those things because you’re a hater.

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