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I’ve felt the same as a monkey… its like a trap to catch monkeys… you put a small hole in a coconut and tie it to a stake in the ground and fill with tasty rice. The monkeys will not let go of the rice and are easy to catch…seeing that the rice won’t come out of the coconut. You might be in a similar situation you need to let go and move on. or you will be caught like the monkey.

I wanted to be a master of all skills and I tried so hard in High school to pass the university stream… I broke down and was hurt when I only had a 61% average… I took off and worked for minimum wage in Jasper National Park as a chamber maid and laundry personnel and then came back the next year and went to summer school and passed everything except physics…I wanted to be a scientist inventor and I became obsessed with diploma exams for 12 years and I ended up on disability from my obsession with getting into the university of Alberta. Every year around test time I search for my calculator and I leave some room on my MasterCard and miss the deadline to apply to rewrite my exams.

I made it to an Augustana university college in Camrose Alberta , when they required a 60% average, and Started dating weird girls and screwed up my life, from my perspective. I went home after two years and went to work night shifts at a convenience store and later went on disability for not being able to let things go from my past.

I now live in Red Deer Alberta and I Fluther and Answerbag for fun and It is the center of my life… I am living on my own for the first time. I have radio and YouTube. I take frequent naps and showers/baths when ever I want to. I also drink name brand cola at will. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol ,tea or coffee. I am 197 cm tall and 272lbs.

I might end up being a writer, or a comedian. It gives me joy to teach and learn and share through writing and whimsy… My grammar is atrocious, and I still get their and there wrong. My mom thinks I would make a good judge in the future from all of the life experience I have.

I love Third and first editions of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and I currently have none to play with.. I tried World of Warcraft and I don’t like being stuck and forced on to a regular path with no room for creativity.

I believe in psychic time travel and belief people can send messages from time to time, to their younger or older self.

I have spiritual gifts, and I can’t answer if I believe in God or not, I believe in the supernatural. I wanted to be a Roman Catholic priest but I don’t believe in celibacy and I want to be finically rich one day, and the oath of obedience won’t do. I might be tempted to be a educational trustee, or writer in the future.

I want to be super smart from psychology and super wise from philosophy and very charismatic from religion…. How can I get this power? So I can have fun playing again.

I am interested in raw ability, skills and power. I would like to have the freedom to obtain absolute control and power, over myself and have the freedom to be creative.

Answerbag http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/3082169#ixzz2q3rim9od

I am immortal human stuck in an ever expanding universe. reincarnating and time traveling though the life of an average Canadians body . Fascinated with magic and the infinity gauntlet to move on to the future.

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Regarding your answer:
Thanx talljasperman


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Regarding your answer: Thank you, but although I have never had Turkish Delight, I do not think that we have ever bought it, and I have forgotten what it looks like (I would have to check the Wikipedia page again).

September 5th, 2015

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Regarding your answer:
Thanx, new internet server with ISP didn’t know if it was them.

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