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I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts ‘doo doo de doo’....

there they are all standing in a row ‘bum bum bum’ ...

big one’s, small ones, some as big as your head!

(thats what sloshes around in my brain from every now and again)

Other than that, I’m a down to earth gal ^_^

I love to listen to music- more like jam out/ chill

I wish I knew what I want to do in life, but I love to do everything!

I love warm weather.. cold weather is depressing (but sometimes fun… SNOW ANGELS!)

I love reading sci-fi and fantasy books, Going out at night, driving around with loud music, cooking, baking, and I’m a very competative person.

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fathippo's avatar fathippo said

ah, thankyou very much. =P
Then we’re agreed… =)

March 16th, 2010

fathippo's avatar fathippo said

Hello =)
Sorry to bother ye with my pointless ramblings, but I love your profile picture. =)
That is all…....

March 15th, 2010