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I’m a proud stay-at-home (and soon to be single) mom of three boys (plus an ‘adopted’ 4th) who makes jewelry and adores her pet turtles and cats.
I have been married four times and will soon be divorced four times. If I never find Mr. Right, it isn’t for lack of trying.
I read voraciously, paint and collect vintage, antique and ancient silver jewelry and objects of all types from around the globe (apparently even people).
I live by my motto every day “a dead man holds in his hands only what he has given away in life”, and try to give others hope, help, strength and encourangement whenever I can, especially when I don’t have much myself.
Note to single men: I’m 37, rather bitchy, sarcastic, don’t have a pulse before noon & am lethal in the mornings, lazy, sloppy, impulsive, a shopaholic with expensive taste who could break Bill Gates in a matter of days, have three kids, soon-to-be four ex-husbands, no job and don’t want one, probably legally insane, and getting dumpy in my middle age. Come running!!

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Regarding your answer:
Thanks, that really helped me out. :)

November 25th, 2009