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White noise is static noise with the same average amplitude at all frequencies. That’s a bit like me…

I was born in the late sixties and spend my youth pretty much around the same place: a 700 years old Dutch town of around 100.000 people. Now I no longer live in The Netherlands.

I have worked in a bar for nine years during high school, college and my military service. Despite that, I finished college and have a bachelors in Human Resource Management. During my working years I earned an MBA at an English University.

My work has taken me along a varied path. I worked in banking and in gambling and now I have my second position as a director at an airline. That allows me to travel the world and that job and my personal travels allow me to say that I have seen a lot of different cultures.

I am married to a brilliant, beautiful wife that is much smarter than I am and has a PhD in psychology.

My two children form a set of twins and are just the most beautiful creatures that I know

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