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Hmm. Let’s see.

I’m Hannah.

Twenty-two and just starting to feel like I’m getting my footing in life. But I’ve had a hell of a time getting to this point.

I’m a little stubborn, I tend to learn things the hard way or not at all. I’m known for sticking to my guns.

I love good coffee, and interesting conversation. I spend more time and money then I care to admit at a 24 hour coffee shop called 4th Coast Cafe, located beneath my favorite restaurant, Crow’s Nest.

Music and the communities in which music thrives are extremely important to me. I feel truly blessed to live in a city with so much live music bursting out of every bar, music venue, coffee shop, and more living rooms & basements then I can even keep up with. Punk rock has my heart, but I’m not a stranger to any kind of music.

Positivity and thinking positive about any and all situations has become a driving force of happiness and contentment in my life. And I refuse to let bad situations keep me down (even if they most certainly suck!)

I run a small business making and selling fleece hats to anime convention goers around the United States. Its certainly an interesting job. I love it, though I find myself trying to play it down a lot these days, because it was like I created a monster, and the monster swallowed me whole. And then it spit me out and I didn’t like it as much afterwards. lol. But I’m going at it with a different attitude and motivation now. I’m still passionate about it but currently seeking out other interests that I can foster into successful ventures for myself as well.

Becoming a pretty serious bike person after loving bikes all my life, I decided to start becoming friends with other people who like bikes. And learning about them. Very excited to see spring so I can start tackling longer rides and training and going on exciting bike adventures!

I’m an artist. Though I don’t create art nearly enough anymore and I swear on my life if I don’t change that this year I will just stop calling myself an artist. lol.

Hmmm…. Other things… I love sweet things, cooking, camping, playing with kids and then giving them back to their parents, reading, cake decorating, puddle jumping, staring at the stars, thinking and then thinking harder, traveling, old video games (‘cause I’m a sucker for nostalgia), nerdy things like anime and scifi-whatnots that I’m less nerdy about now then I used to be, stuff like that.

I like to think I’m a pretty sincere and honest person. I love people and people that love people. I strive to become a more social creature then I am but I’m more content being alone then anyone I know. I’m passionate, ambitious, self-motivated, inquisitive, things of that sort… I’m also a bit of a badass if I do say so myself.

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