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Pascal’s Wager, if it’s to mean anything at all, would have to apply to every religion ever conceived by man. The core of it is “believe even if you don’t believe, just in case you’re wrong”. Apart from the fact that it’s impossible to believe in something by sheer force of will (Believe Odin literally destroyed the ice giants. NOW!) the time and effort it would take to follow 6,000 religions simultaneously would leave you terribly confused at the least, and at worst have you placed in an institution or prison (and rightly so!).

If one is raised Christian, and finds they disagree with the Bible, they find themselves in a fantastic position to begin questioning religion as a whole. Surely if one religion is wrong or at the least, undesirable, what would I require from a religion in order to agree with it? And does agreeing with a religion’s philosophy make it true?

The answer, if you’re still wondering, is no.

Facts do not change because we dislike them. I personally would rather have perfect eyesight than be horribly nearsighted and astigmatic. However, my belief (which I held for ten years) that God made me perfect did not change the fact that I require corrective lenses.

November 7th, 2012