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Jellies with anxiety issues: Do you experience weird physical symptoms?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (13683 points ) December 14th, 2013 from iPhone

In February of this year, I had one of my frequent breast cancer scares. You see, every few months, particularly when I’m stressed out with other things in my life, I experience breast pain. It always goes away and I attribute it to my anxiety (I got it from my mama).

I just went through the stressful process of final exams, graduating, and looking for work. In this time, I’ve experienced intermittent breast pain (mostly the right one, as usual), rib pain, collar bone pain, the feeling of swelling under my ribcage, occasional shortness of breath, and now dizziness. Of course, being a hypochondriac with an addiction to Googling my symptoms, I’m convinced that at 24 years old, I have breast cancer that has spread to nearby muscles, my liver, my lungs, and my brain. Now that I’ve finished school and found work, I expect my symptoms and anxiety to disappear overnight. When they don’t, I make gynecologist and family doctor appointments for next week. Yay for health insurance. Fingers crossed that I’m not dying!

My husband is convinced it’s all anxiety-related, so I was wondering if any anxious jellies have weird physical symptoms caused by their stress. Maybe someone can make me feel like less of a crazy freak.

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