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How do I prevent Spotify from starting up automatically when I turn on my PC?

Asked by 2davidc8 (3835 points ) December 21st, 2013

I downloaded Spotify to my PC in order to listen to internet radio on my computer via this service. I hate it when the installed software also does other stuff that I didn’t ask for. Not only did Spotify add a shortcut to my desktop (I sort of expected this), but it also now starts up automatically when I turn on my computer. How presumptuous!
I’m running Windows 7 and IE 11. (I also have Chrome, but the Spotify was downloaded via IE.) In earlier versions of Windows, I could go into the Startup group and delete anything that I did not want starting up immediately. I think that I could also clean up the startup list via Task Manager.
But in Win 7, I am unable to discern how to prevent programs from starting up automatically, and would like some help, please.
The Spotify executable is not listed in the Startup group (at least, it is not obvious). I don’t necessarily want to uninstall Spotify; I just don’t want it to start right away.

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