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How do I help my friend with her problem?

Asked by RockerChick14 (948 points ) December 23rd, 2013 from iPhone

My best friend was born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and an American father with Spanish and German heritage. She lived there until she moved to the States when she was seven. People don’t believe her when she says that she was born in Japan because she looks like her dad with wavy dark brown almost black hair, olive skin(spanish heritage), and amber eyes(her eye shape isn’t the same as his because he has big round eyes but she has regular almond shaped eyes). Also since she moved here when she was seven and now she is seventeen, she doesn’t have a Japanese accent and just sounds American. I’ve been friends with her for years and I’ve met her parents a lot of times so I know the truth. She gets hurt when people call her a liar.

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