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What should my next medical move be?

Asked by dubsrayboo (2161 points ) December 26th, 2013

Before you tell me to see a doctor, I’ve seen 5.

5 weeks ago the right side of my neck went stiff and I saw my GP and he gave me muscle relaxers.
1 week later my neck is still stiff and my right eye has incredible pressure in it. I went to an urgent care and the doctor said I had a sinus infection. He gave me antibiotics.
10 days later the whole right side of my face went numb. I panicked! I went to the ER and the doctor there said I have a sinus infection. She didn’t take any images or even look up my nose. She gave me antibiotics.
3 days later I see an eye doctor. He checked my eye and said that it is healthy and he doesn’t know what is causing the pressure and numbness in my face, “Probably a sinus infection.” So he sent me to an Ears nose and throat specialist.
3 hours later the ENT tells me that I do NOT have a sinus infection. He scans my brain and says it came back normal. So he diagnoses me with Myofacial pain syndrome. He gives me an antibiotic and an obscene amount of Ibuprofen (800mg 3 times daily).
10 days later I still have numbness and stabbing pains on the right side of my face. And the right side of my neck is still stiff.
I’m seeing a chiropractor tomorrow after that I have no clue. Maybe a neurologist?


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